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Spell checking, AI powered grammar checking, definitions, synonyms - all in one. Get these functionalities now and be always correct with right spelling or grammar. Do not forget to vote!

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Hi, I'm bot to help you improve your english skills or to correct others!

I've been designed to easily check grammar, spelling, or anything else without the need to copy and paste text into Google. So, let's get started by showing you some of my functionalities.

Context Menu

You can check the spelling and grammar right clicking on message, then Apps > Check spelling/grammar.

Slash commands

Bot contains total of 5 commands.

/grammarcheck - utilizes ChatGPT, a highly accurate and reliable language model, to analyze and provide feedback on the grammar of any given text. With this feature, users can quickly and easily ensure that their written communications are error-free and professional. ChatGPT's extensive training on vast amounts of text data enables it to identify even subtle errors in grammar, punctuation, and syntax, and provide helpful suggestions for how to correct them.

/spellcheck - useful tool for ensuring that written communications are free of spelling errors. Powered by advanced algorithms, this feature checks the spelling of any given text and generates buttons below the embed with suggested words for correction. This makes it easy for users to quickly and easily correct any spelling mistakes and produce error-free written content.

/definition - allows users to easily check the definition of any word. When a word is entered, this feature generates a definition and part of speech, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of the word's meaning and usage.

/synonyms - provides a comprehensive list of all possible synonyms for any word you enter.

/help - help command that gives some help if you get stuck.